A fully integrated suite of engineering software

Written by engineers for engineers, our priority is to provide high quality software packages, which are rigorous, robust and go into far greater depths of analysis than other packages.

  • A complete engineering solution for pressure vessel and heat exchanger code compliance
  • Automated reviews for multiple limitations specified by codes, standards, or additional user requirements
  • Built-in error checking and comprehensive code assistance gives you more confidence in your design
  • User-friendly interface gives you the context to review design options and quickly troubleshoot compliance issues


Announcing a New Integration with NozzlePRO!

  • arrow iconFinite Element Analysis (FEA) software for quick and easy analysis
  • arrow iconNozzlePRO is a powerful and fast 3-D FEA tool for modeling nozzles, saddles, pipe shoes and clips.


Supports Multiple Codes

Available in the most widely used codes today including PD5500, EN13445, ASME Section VIII Div 1 & Div 2.

Time Saving

Instantly runs the calculations as you build your design components or vessels, helping you make more efficient use of your time.

Fast Code Comparisons

Check a component or an entire vessel against one or all the codes in seconds!

Built in Libraries

Save time by using the built-in libraries of materials, components, nozzles, structural elements, and more.

Quick and Easy

Intuitive user interface and access to multiple pre-defined vessel templates makes vessel creation fast, saving you valuable time!

Quality Assurance

Our engineers participate on the national codes and standards committees to assure you the quality of our code-assistance.



Quickly and easily compare designs between different codes. Simply build in one code and toggle to another code to see how it impacts your design and compliance.

  • PD5500
  • EN13445
  • ASME Section VIII, Div 1
  • ASME Section VIII, Div 2

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Match the software package to your needs

Get what you need and leave the rest. Choose a feature tier, select the codes you need to access, and we’ll put together a package to help you get the job done.

Pick your version

You have the choice between Single User or Multi User licensing, which helps you control costs and ensure flexibility.

Support Databases

Verification manuals are included within the software with every release.

Customer Support

Whether you are in the US or the EU, we have you covered 9 AM-4 PM, Monday-Friday, US- Central and UK time zones.


Easy to read, straight-forward reports give you and your inspector the information need for quick reviews and approvals.

Cross Check to Multiple Codes

Start your design in one code and quickly cross-check it to another code on the same screen. Eliminate the need to use another software.